Please Read These Warnings!

Warning: Did you know that the latest malware and viruses attack your anti-virus first to block the updates so that your anti-virus appears to be functional while these new viruses and malware cause havoc on your computer? Let us to do a FREE check up on your anti-virus today! Call Now!

Warning: There has been a growing number of scammers calling by phone and claiming to be a representative from Microsoft or Windows. They try to convince you that they can tell that you have a virus on your computer system. They will want to charge you for the virus removal and actually do nothing. Please if you get a call like this then use our emergency contact form (The Help! tab) and we will contact you ASAP and we will help to confirm if the call is legitimate and we will give you a free virus scan.

Did you know:

 Each minute that your computer is connected to the internet, it is at risk from cyber-attacks. Cyber-Attacks are an attempt to gain control of the computer and track your activity without your permission. Attacks come in the forms of Viruses, Worms, downloaded software files, and E-mail attachments.

When connected to the internet, all computers and networks are susceptible to attacks or unauthorized access. One compromised computer can affect every other computer that share a common network connection.

Hackers can get in, take what they want, and leave a back door open, so they can turn your computer into a Zombie and use it to launch network security attacks.

Virus protection is not enough. Virus protection is as good as the latest virus definitions, which are created in response to the latest viruses.  Many thousands of people must be infected before the makers of anti-virus software can create a defense.


Call today and ask how we can help you protect your data and identity from cyber criminals.